New Cam v3 Pro Interface Gliches

I found a couple UI glitches using my new Cam v3 Pro.

  1. In playback mode it is impossible to view a specific time 2 or 3 min before or after of an event. The timeline cursor just jumps to the event and plays it automatically within this timeframe. This creates a 5 or 6 min dead spot around every event where only the event can be viewed.

  2. In playback mode the Play, Pause and 30sec FF RW buttons are now overlaid on the video screen with the overlay dimming the picture. This makes using these feature very awkward and difficult. First it obscures the video you’re trying to search by dimming it and having the button right in the middle of the picture. Second you have to touch the video to show the menu, then touch again to let’s say advance 30sec then you have to touch the video again to bring the menu back up to advance another 30 sec. All the while the video is dimmed then brightened repeatedly. It’s probably okay if you just want to advance once, but it’s miserable tying to search a video with the 30 sec advance feature. Plus you run into problem 1 above if you’re searching near an event. The old interface had the feature buttons below the video and was much easier to operate from a user perspective.

Sadly, I am probably going to have to replace my v3 Pro with my old v3 until this gets fixed. This is unfortunately because I like the v3 Pro otherwise especially the improved resolution.


I agree with you on all of these annoying UI issues.

Overall I really like the new UI, but these things are annoying.

I feel like the giant “Go Live” button should be shrinked in both dimensions, and next to it the play pause and skip forward/backward 30 second buttons should be placed where it is.

Also, the SD card timeline can be zoomed in and out, but it doesn’t actually animate the zooming, it just kinda jumps.

It’s a bit hard to zoom that small timeline box anyway.

The timeline could be made about 1/3 larger if the go live button was moved up with those other buttons, and that row can be horizontally scrollable to accommodate all the buttons. That row could also be made a bit shorter.

I’m going to design some concepts and will create a wishlist for these changes. I think with some small tweaks this new ui can be made perfect


I set up my camera today. It took me 15 minutes to find the little box that shows it is recording in 2K. :rofl: The box for full screen still does nothing but it will go to full screen if I rotate my phone.

Thanks for the feedback on the design @gtarka - We will work on improving this in the upcoming releases


Hey there @Noopur i hope you are well! :slight_smile: one thing I would love to see in the new user interface is the return of the streaming bitrate. This was actually an incredible helpful metric for me where I can see how each of my V3’s and V3 Pro’s are performing on the access points they are assigned to. (I have a large farm with many access points on the property)


I 100% agree

Also, a toggle for night vision! It can be useful sometimes, and having to go into settings and back is annoying.


Request…Have the UI design team do the following test. Try searching 60 min of recordings using the 30 sec advance button with the new Pro UI and the old v3 UI and see which is faster. I guarantee you the old UI will win and the win will be more dramatic if you add in a couple recorded events.

Is it possible to use the new v3 Pro cam with the old v3 user interface??? Thanks…

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Thanks @Noopur for this update.
I am looking forward to ordering and getting a Wyzecam V3 pro soon here in Canada.
I do realize that with Wyze week, getting the V3 pros out was probably a focus point and I expect that patches will improve the glitches.
I am not aware of any Apple or PC or Google product releases that didn’t come with a few glitches.
Good luck and glad to see the new product available, and hopefully more soon in Canada. :slightly_smiling_face: