Event log timing problems

Not sure how often people review the Events log but I check mine daily. Problem is sometimes Events do not show in the log only to “magically” appear in the Events log later.

For example this morning in the Wyze app reviewed the Events log for last night and this morning. Deleted all Events logged in the Events log tab section. Scrolled to be sure I reviewed and deleted all Events. This afternoon I looked in app at Events log and somehow another dozen or so Events were display for yesterday.

This has happened before within the Wyze app Events log (Events showing up after the log had previously indicated “No Events to Display” for past days…so these are not new Events)

Appears Wyze has processing delays when displaying Events logged in some situations.

have you submitted a support ticket about this at all?

what firmware version, OS, and app version are you currently using? do you subscribe to CMC?

after you delete “all” of the events for a day, try force closing the app completely and see if anything shows up again right away when you open it.

also keep an eye on the time frames when you are deleting events. for instance say you only have events between 9am- 6pm. make a note of what time events show back up. are from times you already deleted? are they from times outside what you saw before you deleted? things like that. it might give some clue as to whats going on. I’ve not run into this issue or heard of it happening to anyone else thus far.

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