Event Filtering

Is it me, or is the Event Filtering kind of useless. I say, as I have two Wyze v2 cams and one Wyze Outside (which I love), and person detection seems to work fine in my case already, but if I try to filter them as 'show Outside Cam AND Or person detection, they cancel out? As in neither will show in events. Anyone else notice, or find a workaround?

I don’t believe that is how the logic works in filtering. I believe the camera selection is one layer, and the person detection is a second layer, and if said event video is true from both layers is shows in the filtered list. I don’t use person detection on any cameras so someone with that can test and update here if that is correct.

If you select WCO and person detection as filters, it wont show you WCO videos or PD videos, it will show WCO PD videos. Since PD(Camplus) isn’t on the WCOs yet, you wont have any videos show up.

Thanks for the filtering with Alexa suggestion, and I also use IFTTT as a matter of fact I hadn’t thought of, but Alexa fails constantly in my experience. I have tons of routines and I think 12 Alexa devices. Amazon keeps trying to “make it better”. It don’t;). Everytime I look at the app it’s changed or automatic update fails and I have to login . And I use all OS platforms. Kinda like wyze putting out a product, updating it and goin off to make new stuff like scales.yea I need alexa to tell my wife what she weighs, HA!
But I will attempt to think about an IFTTT run. Thanx for the idea spark.

This is how it works for me. I almost always have the 2nd layer filter off and only filter by cameras unless i’m looking for something specific.

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Nope not having that problem. I can filter by WCO and person and get the results you would expect. Also, who said WCO doesn’t support person detection?

Camplus doesn’t support WCO yet.

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It says that, but it’s working just fine for me.

But do you all who say it’s working, also have V2 cams hanging under a ledge on a lanai (kinda porch) in Florida like me, the original questioneer, who has bugs flying past and so needs to filter those out, since less than one second motion caoture hasn’t occurred yet as it stands. ?

I don’t understand what your getting at. Yes I have a v2. And yes I have a cam (WCO) hanging outside in the south Florida heat.

I don’t know why it wouldn’t work for the OP, I’m just saying that for me it does work as expected when filtering online events for a WCO and Person.

Is your person detection on your outdoor cam enabled?

Check: Account tab, services, person detection (pilot)

In reply, yes person detection is always enabled on my outside cams. it’s the only way I can keep from recording flying bugs, but there is my problem. If person is enabled it knocks out any ablity to see if Wyze Outside gets a hit, or if I get a notification from it, like when trash truck came, I can’t view it.

Okay, but if I enable person, I cannot get views of the Wyze Outside Cam in the Events section…

BTW, this is in the Event section that I am referring to. I don’t know if I spelled it out well enough aboutthe filtering.

No person detction on outside camera because I don’t like getting used to something I am not gonna buy. it picks up fine without though.

They do Person Detectoin great with the software the v2 already has, without the ADD-ON Person Detection Cost.

Please pardon the misspells. I hate typing my iPad standing it portrait like this.

From what I understand you have a few options:

1: When reviewing events change the filters to suit the camera type. I.e. leave person filter on when viewing V2 events and turn it off when viewing WCO events.

2: Turn off the IR lights on the V2’s ( you will need supplementary lights either regular or IR) place supplementary lights away from the V2s and turn off person detection. This should significantly reduce false alerts due to bugs.

3: (This option doesn’t work well with cam plus) Get a wyze motion sensor for each outdoor V2. Place a wyze sense motion sensor such that the sensor covers roughly what each V2 can see in it’s view. Turn off detection on the V2 camera or schedule it so detection is off at night. Go into the motion sensor settings and have the motion sensor trigger a V2 when the motion sensor detects motion (will show up as “smart video alert” in the event page). Turn off all filters on the event page. This option essentially makes the V2 operate like the outdoor cam and should completely eliminate any false alerts due to bugs. The downside to this is that it requires some work to get reliable sensor placement, may need multiple bridges and if there are server issues like yesterday you will get no notifications or cloud recordings.

Sounds like messed up Boolean logic

thanks, I am trying the night vision only- no cam illuminate tonite. there is an LED illuminator out there that Should do fine, and actually may be causing half my problems. I would try it on my front cam too but it gets knocked on by headlites constantly. It has to use person only.

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Oh, and I have a wyze motion sensor there too, not sure the nite scheduling is working on it rhough, thanks for the re- mind.