Person Capture Return

When is this feature coming back?

@BostonSweet Welcome to the community! Person Detection is back and it’s available to all. :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s back but you may want to try it out on just one camera if you have more than one because it’s a little buggy right now.

What does filter mean in regard to this system? I want all 3 cameras to person detect. So I should not apply checkmark or yes?

You utilize the filter when looking at the events list.

PD is working again so give it a shot with all the cameras I guess.

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Filter does not have any effect on whether person detection is on or off on a cam. Filter is what is applied to the results of capturing events. If you have large number of events and are looking for a specific event or event type, you apply filters to the event list to cull out what you don’t want to see. For example, if you want to see only person events, tap Person. It will turn this list of hundreds of events that I’d have to scroll through…

…into this… just events triggered by Person Detection.

If you want to see events of all trigger types (Motion, Person, Sound) for only one cam, select just one cam to filter out the others:

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If you’re trying to apply (turn on) Person Detection to your cams, try this:

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Thank you all. Got a message they working on it to work with CMD. With it turned off, still doesn’t work. Guess I gotta wait.

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Person detection works… it’s not clear how to setup though. I tried to explain setup here, but it may still be a chore to follow.

Another question? How do I get rid of Venetian blind window glare?

Turn the camera to face directly outside and as close or as flat to the glass as possible. You can also create some type of dark hood that covers the front of the cameras “peripheral vision” to block out reflections. New location maybe? Some ideas for you.