Event detection temporarily not working?

I had a situation where a couple of different people knocked on my front door, but no person, or even event was detected–even though an event was recorded next day. Thoughts?

Our notifications stopped working a few weeks ago. Events show up but no notification to go look. Sent in ticket with logs and they said they are aware of issues but suggested I uninstall the Wyze app, reboot phone, reinstall Wyze app as that has helped some folks. Didn’t help here for iPhone10 iOS 12.4 so sent them updated logs. Hope to have a resolution soon.

Note - another issue started this morning with no internet connection as the server must be down.

I did the Wyze app un/re-install along with device/network reboot like you, and now I’m completely dead in the water. App is locked at the title screen with pop-up: ‘Network timed out’. Submitted now to both support and dev team.