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The problem is I would never be able to put in words or explain just what order of emails I opened & followed links to or if it was a WYZE App (on the phone) or on my computer… They made this whole thing WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY to difficult!!!
It was only by sheer [Mod Edit] luck that I got this 12 second clip thing back!!! (Maybe a bit of perseverance). WaYYYY to much time & stress for something that was already there & working fine. And if (They) were going to still make it available , One must ask #1. Why all the change ups for it. & #2. Was it all about just making it a GUILT TRIP by offering to donate? And it seems to me I have read they are still going to have to do some feasibility study to see if it’s economically viable for some to pay & others not. Lets just read that one between the lines without all the games. (We will offer this for a while longer under this choose your price plan or $0.00 BUT don’t expect this to last because our end game is to have EVERYONE pay for this service in some fashion). OK, Just say it!
Anyway, somehow I got it back. Maybe now the video & audio will not track 5 to 20 seconds off on longer downloads of recorded clips I make.
It’s hard to justify [Mod Edit] when something is free but the cost of time & aggravation & stress even to get something that’s free is still there & [Mod Edit] worthy. That’s my perspective … Thanks for your response.
It’s nice to know (someone) is listening out there…LOL :neutral_face::grinning::neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face:

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