Event buffering takes forever

Wondering if anyone can help. Buffering before viewing events / ‘loading up’ event recordings (apologies not sure of correct terminology) takes ages meaning that going through a number of events can be very time consuming.

On WiFi (we’re FTTP 30+ Mbps) it will take up to a minute, on patchy 4G at home it takes less but still often 20 or 30+ seconds.

When you’ve got a couple of dozen events to go through, what should take a few seconds to review events can often take a very long time.

I always update the cameras whenever prompted. Cameras both have SD cards in but I don’t tend to use them to ‘view playback’ so I guess they’re probably redundant.

Would welcome any suggestions. Thank you.

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How far away is the camera, in relation to the modem or repeater?

What obstacles (walls, windows, mirrors, brick, TV, and so on) are between modem and cam?

Are there are specialized electronic equipment near the cam?

What is the signal strength (select camera, Settings-> Advanced-> Device Info

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for both the wifi and the 4G. is this your actual speeds via a speed test or are you just listing your advertised speed?

bandwidth limitations due to environment or population are a horrible reality and often overlooked.

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Helpful comments and suggestions - thank you.

For the cameras themselves, one is in the house upstairs (separated only by chipboard, plasterboard, carpets etc) and one is down the garden and (depending where I stand in the house) only separated by glass and around 40 - 50 ft distance.

Connecting to view live feed from both cameras is no problem - no lag or buffering etc. The outside camera has a wifi signal strength of 68% and the indoor one is 82%.

Good point re wifi / 4 g speeds - not as high as I would have expected: for 3x tests run just now wifi download is max 16.3 and min 15.4; upload varies between 2.72 & 9.69.

Looking at 4G, download varies between 0.22 & 2.92 and upload between 0.47 and 1.07.

Re the wifi speeds - yes, they’re not as high as I would have expected but we have no problem with Netflix or iPlayer (in my technical naivety (and probably incorrectly) I’m comparing viewing a 2 hour film on Netflix with viewing a 12 sec clip from Wyze).

Many thanks for any further thoughts or suggestions.

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Those 12 sec clips are reaching out to servers in China (based on what I’ve read elsewhere), so that might explain slow response.

EDIT: and probably suboptimal servers compared to Netflix


Wondering if anyone has any more thoyghts on this?

I’ve recently moved one of the cameras so it’s about 6 ft away from my wifi router, albeit the other side of a brick wall.

However, the wifi strength on the camera is on 89%, I’ve just run a speed test and we’re on 40.6 mbps download, and 3.6 upload.

To review more than 2 or 3 event notifications takes many minutes - time I don’t have - which effectively makes the cameras a waste of time.

When I was setting the camera up in its current location there was no problem with connecting my phone to the wifi through the brick wall. Event playback works fine.

But this buffering is just a joke. Is anyone else suffering from this?

Would welcome some suggestions or advice.

Many thanks,


version of app and firmware.

older app still very slow when viewing tge SD card events. like 3-4 sec to 1 sec real time.