Event clips are very slow to load

I have a couple of cameras with notification for motion. When I get a notification, I’ll click on it to see the clip. More times than not, the clip is slow to load. It can easily take about 60 seconds to see the 12 second clip because it may take 45 seconds before “loading” goes away and the clip starts.

There are no speed issues with the internet. Everything else works fine. I’m using an iPhone. Pulling the video from the microsd card does not share that same delay. Can the servers just not handle the traffic?

I assume you’re on home Wifi and not on a cellular network? If yes, is it satellite Internet?

My phone is connected to a home network with a measured speed of about 200Mbps on fast.com. It is not satellite internet.

I have the same issue. Operating out of an Android phone (not sure if it matters) viewing events from phone is a hit/miss… Awful experience lately, unsure what happened.

Can you explain more? Any error codes or anything that can narrow down the issue at hand. Are you having issues with events from multiple cameras, or one camera? What type of cameras? More info is needed. Thanks in advance!