How Long is it Taking you to Download Events Clips in app?

At home when downloading clips from the cameras app it takes just as long as the video clips are in length. But here at my mother’s, where I set up 3 cams in her backyard, it takes exactly half the time to download her clips.
My internet service at home is supposed to be the fastest, so I’m wondering what’s up with that. It doesn’t matter which cam model I’m downloading clips from, the timing is the same (when you click on the arrow-down symbol in the upper right corner of the video in events).

I have 1gbps upload and download speeds (pretty fast). I went and found the biggest event I could find: 5min03sec long and I started a stopwatch at the exact same moment I pressed to download the event clip and I pressed stop as soon as I got the message that it finished downloading:

1min57sec was the total amount of time it took me to download the 5 min clip. So yes, it sounds like it takes roughly half as long as the length of the clip, and that this limitation is a limitation on Wyze’s end (ie: AWS), not our end, because I can download videos WAY LONGER than that in WAY less time when connected to other sources instead of Wyze/AWS.

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What kind of clips? Events? Or recordings made on the SD card of a Wyze Outdoor Camera?

For my 12-seond clips I see what looks like a pretty instantaneous download. I press the download icon on the event playback, and within a second it says “Saved to system gallery” (using iOS 16 on an iPhone 13 Pro on a 120 Mb/sec Internet connection). However, I do not know if that message is sent during the download, but it is the only indication I have to work with. As quick as I can get to the gallery it is available.

The longest event clip I have ATM is a 1m2s clip, and that one takes about 3 seconds to download.

Now, clips downloaded from the SD Card of a WOC (timelapse, scheduled recording, etc) can take FAR longer because the WOC-to-Base Station network is very slow.

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Oh I guess so should’ve specified, thanks. I’ll eidt that part. I meant when you click on the arrow-down symbol in the upper right corner of the video in events.


Unless I’m mistaken and my connection at home isn’t what I thought they told me. I thought it had something to do with how far away the cams were but even my closest ones do that at home. Hmm, why would it be with Wyze? So I’m not he only one, but why so long though.

Everything is faster in California :rofl:

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It shouldn’t matter where the cameras are located because the events are stored “in the cloud” (on an Amazon Web Services hard drive somewhere). So the already recorded event download isn’t coming from your camera anymore, the camera already uploaded the video to the “cloud” and we are now downloading it to our phone from that cloud hard drive.

Interesting that Newshound was able to do it so fast. I wonder if there is a difference between Android and iOS speeds for downloading events for some reason.

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Ohh that’s right, I forgot about them already being on the cloud before downloading. Maybe I need to just stay out here in Calif.:grin:

Nope, the :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: miss their Mom.

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Yeah. They’ll be happy when they see me again. Several of them like to be cuddled. Late Friday night my mother was watching them on her table through the coop cam and asked what was on the floor. I took a look and it was their heat lamp! Shame on me for not securing it properly on the ceiling. We were afraid the straw would catch on🔥. I couldn’t get hold of my daughter and I didn’t have anyone else that could check on them and it was late (1:30am east coast time). I finally found the number of the handyman we used at the mobile home park I had worked for and texted him. Fortunately he was still up because he’d been doing a job for my previous boss. Anyway, he ran out there and unplugged it for me (I promised I’d mail him some $).
Thank goodness for the camera being in there! I went back on the footage and saw what happened. Whew.

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