Loading "Events" time frames takes forever

Why can’t the Wyze App load a days worth of events at the same time? It only shows events from the last 30 to 40 minuites and then I have to grab the screen and scroll up to load more, which takes 20 to 30 seconds each time. Loading and looking through a days worth of Events is an exercise in frustration.
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I believe that what you are experiencing may be more of a WiFi or device issue than a design problem with the app. You don’t specify what type of device or WiFi you are using, but speed is definitely dependent on these factors.
I recently upgraded my WiFi to a Mesh system, replacing my ISP provided router/modem box, and many problems like you described simply ceased.
When I load the events page I have no problem scrolling thru a days worth of events, where Bertie I did experience the type of delays I think you are describing. Trying to load an entire days worth of events on one page, depending on your device and cam settings, would probably be impossible.

A Wifi issue is possible… I’ve actually never used my ISP’s equipment (I think it’s junk).
After seeing your post I used an app to check my wifi signal strength near both of my cameras and they both seem to be getting a strong enough signal.

So you are saying that when you view “Events” in the Wyze App you can basically zip right through an entire days worth? Like from 7AM to 7PM.

I’m using an Android Phone with Android 9 and when I scroll through Events this is what happens:
Starting at the last Event recorded at 8:29PM, when I scroll it stops at 6:31 PM and then I have to scroll again (there is a 5 to 10 second pause as it loads the next sequence) and then it scrolls to 5:34PM and then it stops and I scroll again to 4:22PM.

Android current release is 11. Android 9 Pie was released 08/06/2018 so if your phone isn’t capable of the newer release it may also have less processor power.

As @tomp says, it may be a WiFi issue. If you read a stong signal (signal strength near both of my cameras ) it could also be a neighbor’s system on channel 11 swamping your WiFi signal, Try looking through your events while near your WiFi router.

(I think it’s junk) Could be. There are many good WiFi systems you can plug in vs what your ISP gives you. Just be sure you can shut down the ISP’s WiFi so it doesn’t compete with what you might purchase.

Look at that, you’ve already made a huge improvement. :slight_smile:
Sorry, just kidding.

I use a Samsung S8+ with Android 9. I find it takes a couple of seconds at most. Pull up twice on the screen. The first time it doesn’t do anything but the second time seems to scroll.
If you can filter anything (Person, Motion, Cameras) it speeds up the process.

Ha! Yup, sometimes it works right away and sometimes I have to try it again and again. It’s like the app will only load the next sequence if I grap the screen and hold it for a precise amount of time; anything less and it won’t work and I have to try again. I wish I could just zip through all daily events without all of this screen grabbing and scrolling.

Yes, I agree. I think my phone is the issue; probably time for an upgrade.
I already changed my Wifi channel a few months ago to something less crowded.
What I was saying about my ISP’s equipment is that I don’t use it, I have my own cable modem and router.

Run my phone on the 5GHz band and the Wyze has to be on 2.4Ghz Chan 11 but they are on the same subnet so it works.
Cable internet probably has plenty of bandwidth and you know your equipment. You could always try checking events from another WiFi. like a restaurant or library.
Your phone is probably OK. Check for some power hungry background app. or memory usage. Maybe temp. share someone else’s phone to compare.