Can't scroll back through camera Events

Right now I can only scroll back about 30 events to 7:30am this morning. At the bottom of the screen, I see a rotating icon so it appears the phone is trying to load the events but they never load.

Even if I remove one camera (with the most events), I can only scroll back to 7:30am.

Any ideas what may be wrong? Is there a limit on the number of events?

Yes it has been this way for the last several months for me also . I can go back in time about 1 hour and it hangs there . Sometimes I get 1.5 hours . We need this fixed .

Same! I have huge gaps between midnight and 7:30 AM.

Wyze in my experience has become the camera system that doesn’t record when I need it most.

Neighbors car stolen in front of my condo. THREE PEOPLE with Wyze cameras, not a single one functioned properly to capture the theft. Can’t even make that stuff up.

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