Eufy Cameras

If and when you can share your thoughts on the new Eufy cams with HomeKit, I’d love to hear them. Been looking for something like that for years…

They are still not shipping, latest estimate is early June now. But as soon as I have them I will be happy to share my impressions. Also ordered a new Logi Circle View cam, but they are still pretty pricey.


My first Eufy camera arrived, the Pan and Tilt one is inbound should be here by Monday.

The cameras are fantastic! Easy setup and the picture quality is amazing! As I test it out I will let you know.


Web page mentions HomeKit but not Alexa?

It works just fine with Alexa and Google Assistant. HomeKit is in late beta and will be released mid to late July to the general public.



Eufy pan and tilt is a great camera so far, super fast; connection wise, quality is outstanding (for the price)
No Homekit yet, beta will start end of June, will officially be released to the public by Mid July.
Their Server had some issues but they fixed it by the end of the day
Very transparent when they announce any news with dates and timeline
So far satisfied
After 2 years with WYZE, I’m sorry to say Good bye Forever, been great experience!


My second Eufy Cam arrived today. This one is the Pan and Tilt model. Still have not released the HomeKit integration but that is still expected sometime in July.

So far other than 2 almost back to back service outages, the cameras have been fine! Person Detection is very quick and accurate, as is Pet detection.

I have the Pan and Tilt mounted indoors and the fixed camera outdoors. Both have SD cards, 128 Gig for now.

The cameras are very responsive for both playback and live view and I am most impressed with Audio and Video quality!


Love to hear it. Had high hopes for Eufy and it sounds like they delivered. Will be ordering mine in due time to replace my “other” cameras.


I am also looking at the Reolink WiFi Cameras but they have not arrived yet. I don’t think they have HomeKit even on the radar but they use RTSP so I think I can use the ffmpeg plugin for Homebridge to bring them into the system. That’s how I bring 3 of my remaining Wyze V2’s in. I had another close to two year old V2 die yesterday.

After 2 years I can’t really complain. It will be interesting to see how the Eufy’s and Reolink fair?


My complaint with the Wyze pan and tilt camera is that it is both noisy and jerky when moving. Do you find the Eufy camera to be quiet and smooth when it is activated by movement or is it more like the Wyze camera in that regard?

The V2 is quite warm. I drilled vent holes all around the casing. hope it will last longer.

Been noticing the same thing on mine. Now keep the base partially extended to let air in the bottom vents. Where did you drill the holes?

top, both sides.

first Open base. take bottom off.
use low speed as the plastic is low melting temp. I use 1mm drill bit on a dremel tool. use depth stop if u have one. or mark with tape on drill bit.
I put a few holes extra holes bottom.
on both sides, there are ribbon cables. I use a thin metal strip between housing and cable to stop the drill bit damaging any cable.
you can disassemble whole unit. but I did not.

I drilled close to middl align to the processing board and sensor chip. ten holes on each side in two row s.

ten holes on top.

clean out plastic burrs inside housing so not cut into cable.

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Mine is very smooth and quiet when moving. I will turn motion tracking on and see how that compares.

THANKS!! :pray: That’s exactly the kind of detail I was interested in. :grinning:

I’ve been getting worried about some of my V2s sitting in sunny windows - especially since I blacked out the fronts with a big sharpie to reduce the glass reflection. Prolly not the brightest thing to do, but it really helps the picture.

Anyhow that’s a lotta holes! :wink: I know it’s got to make a difference. Have you seen a reliability increase (if you were having any issues before) ?

Especially if they have a bridge. Since I got rid of the bridges I have not noticed any of the cams getting very warm. But none of the remaining cams are exposed to direct sunlight either.

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Reliability takes time to prove.
so far, from reading forum MTTF is around 18 months depending on environment, continuos recording, rstp, bridge etc.

if the extra air flow drops 5C on chips temp without heat sink would extending reliability life at least to 2.5yr. and I will be happy.

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It always seems that every camera I want to look out a window ends up in the direct summer sun, and every solar device I want to put outside ends up facing north like the moss on a tree… :rage:

Yeah, I have a bridge that I’ve never hooked up - figure I will definitely use a very short USB extension cable to get it away from the cam whenever I get motivated to try it out…


how warm are the Eufy? when they running continuos recording?