Wyze cam look like will burn

I plug the bridge into this cam, after few months, cam with the bridge too hot, the senses connected often show offline. It’s seems the bridge blocked the air hole of the camera.

People have used Wyze Cams in outdoor enclosures that completely seal them, and in temperatures far higher than the climate-controlled interior of most homes without them failing.

Actually those holes in the back of the case only go to the speaker and do not provide any cooling unless you remove the speaker and panel from behind them - which makes setting up the cam on a new Wifi near impossible since you will never hear the audio prompts.

But yes, there have been many reports of sense bridges getting very hot and dropping offline.

You can move the bridge away from the cam with a USB extension cable.

You can also power the sense bridge independently of the V2 cam and move the bridge away from the cam at the same time.

You can also drill cooling holes in the case.

Links with example photos below. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Absolutely! However I have never heard of anyone putting a sense bridge on a camera inside one of these enclosures. :hot_face:

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Was your camera in a window? I had a camera in a window that got hot.
Is your camera and sensor bridge still under warranty? If so then I’d contact the @WyzeTeam.