Using USB Extension Cable for Sense Bridge - Seems to help signal

I have increased my outdoor mailbox’s Motion Sensor signal by adding a 3 foot USB A (Male) to USB A (Female) extension between my WyzeCam and the Sensor Bridge. The cable I had on hand is black, but I’ve ordered a white one from ​Amazon
This works on both my V1 and V2 cams. I had a couple of these cables, but not all of them were able to fully connect the bridge. On one, the bridge’s light would stay constantly yellow; never turned blue. Another would connect intermittently…likely had a broken connector. If you try this, make sure the bridge connects with the steady blue light.


As a new forum user, I am able to upload only a single image per post, so here is another close-up of the camera, bridge, and USB cable.



i searched to see if anyone tried this, and found your post. i guess not all extension cables are the same. maybe Wyze could offer one for sale on its shop, or list some approved brands and lengths to reduce guesswork from our end?

My guess is what you’ve done here is freed the bridge from the physical interference of the camera. So less metal (the camera’s internal circuitry), and less active signals to compete with. I doubt the cable itself is otherwise involved, but you still may have hit on a great way to boost the efficiency of the bridge!

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