Bridge crashing camera, hot to the touch

I have one bridge plugged into one of my v2 cams. In the past few days, I’ve found the camera and bridge offline multiple times. Hard reboot doesn’t always work, sometimes takes a few tries for it to come back online. This morning just the bridge was offline, cam still working. Unplugged the bridge and plugged it back in after 30 seconds… but it won’t detect all of my sensors, seems to be rolling through which ones are online/offline randomly.

Also noticed the bridge itself was quite warm to the touch.

This is on top of the advertised bridge range not being realistic, and the annoying fact that they won’t sell the bridge unit alone.

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Are you using the original Wyze USB power adapter and cable? I believe other customers have had issues with Cam/bridge stability when using other cables or adapters due to voltage drop or insufficient current.

The sensors showing up as offline may be a separate issue, although they do sometimes take a while to report in with the bridge whenever it has been powered off.

after 12+ hours of Wyze Cam v2 & bridge being online it crashes. I hear a waiting to connect, several restarts sometimes more then everything turns solid blue again. using latest firmware, yes using original power adapter & usb cable.

Did anything come from wyze about this issue? I am experiencing this same thing right now