Errors after Updates: Wifi vs. Cellular Network

After updating the app and the camera firmware, I discovered that the app will only connect to the cameras if it is on a WiFi network. Connection can no longer be made if using regular cellular data. That means that now I can only access my cameras if I am somewhere with a WiFi connection.

Has anyone else experienced this and if so, how did you resolve it? Would appreciate the help.


First off, what app and firmware versions are you talking about? And give the version numbers, not just “the latest” - that changes…

I have not seen any such problem on my Android (version 2.23.12) with my V2 cameras (, V2 cameras with RTSP firmware (, Pan cameras with RTSP firmware (, or V3 cameras (

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I’m talking about the iOS app’s July 2021 update (2.22.21) that Wyze warned should be made and V2 Firmware

I performed the July 2021 update and my Wyze stopped working. I wound up having to completely uninstall from phone, unplug from outlet and let everything sit for an hour and then start over with a new installation.

Somewhat similar recent problem?

Yes very similar. My cameras are indoor V2 cams.