Errors 7 and 10

The camera at the front of the house constantly gets error code 7, and has done for more than a week.
The camera at the rear of the house started today to get error 10.

Worse than that, someone came to my front gate this morning, unlatched it, and left it open, and as a result, my dog ran out into the road. The last event captured was at 07:37 shows the gate closed, and nothing since. I noticed the gate open two hours later, and not only did the camera not catch the culprit, but it also hasn’t recorded an event since, not even me standing in front of it waving.

If you have an SD card installed and set to continuous record, it should have everything that happened on it.

I have a card, but it is in the base station.

Ah. What I said is true for the V2 & V3, but not for the WOC. The outdoor camera is a totally different animal.