Error Code 19

<p style=“text-align: center;”> My camera went down yesterday. It was fine before, but now showing either error code 90 or this new error code 19. I tried restarting and nothing changes. I have 2 cameras, this first one stopped working, but a second connected to this first camera for power works great.</p>

Prior to this issue, both cameras worked great for about 2 weeks. I bought these cameras on beginning of August.


As a first step, I would try the troubleshooting under the Connectivity section here:


If you can’t resolve it that way, you should file a support ticket from within the app just after tying to connect so that the logs will be sent to Wyze.

I get error code 90 and zero for 2 weeks now

these cameras are on different far away locations and worked fine for 2 weeks


Update on review

3 of my 4 cameras in different locations went down and cannot be restarted remotely
Problem is that they are thousands of miles away and I won’t get to them for months

It seems that if the internet goes down they do not automatically reconnect when it gets back online pointing to a major software flaw

So cheap and easy to set up yes but totally unreliable so AVOID

This never happened with the overpriced Nest camera that I had for 4 + years


I have to ask… how do you even know if the internet is up at that location? Might not be the camera’s fault. Given the distance, I’d suggest you consider putting an inexpensive remote wall switch between the wall socket and camera power block so you can remotely power cycle the camera. But if the internet is down, that’s not going to help either.

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I know that my I internet is up since other devices that connect to it ( alarm / lights etc ) work perfectly

beside that I never had problem with 4 years of Best at same locations where WiFi is fiber 100 MBS very stable unlike in NY

Wyse need to have an auto reboot Software fix otherwise these cameras are only good to watch your dog from your office

I have the same problem whenever there’s a power outage (in my country they are common). For some reason the camera does not reconnect after a power failure and you have to disconnect the power and connect again. I had a smart plug laying around and connected the camera to that and I can power cycle remotely. This is in no way ideal but it solved my problem until wyze can push an update for this.