Error (code 07)

I have a few wyzecam 2. They each have a micro sd card in it. I do have the legacy person detection on my iphone.

I notice when i get notifications when there is motion or sound on my iphone, when i click on that notification, it would go straight to my live feed. Is that normal? Previous back then when i click on that, it would play that 2 second flip.

So I would have to click on events, scroll the recent events down so to speak, to get the most recent events. Is that even normal? I thought when you click events, any recent events suppose to just show up? Now many times when i click on the recent events videos, i get message of Error (code 07).

I had no idea why i kept getting it… but i did recall my internet has been slow. Is that the sole reason for this error code? But why is it some clips work, but other clips get this message?

Error (code 07) Failed to fetch the video from cloud. Please try again later. If this happens again, please submit a developer log through wyze support in settings. Any reason why im getting this? I gotten this a lot. Also i think my internet is not that good right now… so could that be a reason?

But why is it when i view the live stream, there is usually no issue?