Entry delay started new notification

I get a new notification on my iPhone when I return home from my wyze home monitoring that says “entry delay started”. I say new, I never used to get it, is it a new thing? Can it be turned off? I liked just getting one when the alarm had been armed or disarmed.

I checked all the settings and couldn’t find any that control notifications for the entry and exit delay.
Hopefully Wyze will add toggles for all the notifications, but for now it appears that we are unable to select custom notification options.

What I would recommend doing for now, is to give the HMS team feedback about this. Go to the Monitoring tab, scroll down to Home Monitoring settings and select that button. Then scroll down until you see “Make your voice heard” and answer that September Survey and let them know that you would like to customize the notifications options and explain your example. That will be helpful to get your feedback directly to the HMS team.


I am on Android and have never received a push notification for an entry or exit delay. And, like @carverofchoice, have never found a setting for this.

I have read that iPhones have “Critical Alert” channels in addition to the standard push notification channels. Is this coming in on that “Critical Alert”?