HMS Allow User To Choose Custom Countdown Sound for Exit/Entry Delay

I appreciate the simplicity of using a single sound to countdown the delay to arming the home monitoring system, rather than a numbered countdown. However, it would be nice to be able to choose the users sound of choice, for both exit and entry delay.

Especially in households where exit or entry may occur while others are sleeping, a less alarm sounding countdown would be great so as not to send people into an anxiety / panic attack that an alarm is occurring (as my spouse has).

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Can you suggest how that might work? You would need to load the sounds onto the hub and I don’t think it has any writeable onboard storage. Also don’t see any ports that would allow for any SD card or USB device.

I mean, yeah customer added sounds would be nice, but my assumption would be the same mechanism as the Chime boxes for the doorbell. A pre-determined selection of sounds than can be chosen from… some can be on a softer easier sound, some can be more obtrusive like the current sounds.

Wyze Home Security Sucks!

First I LOVE Wyze security cameras and have several but is it just me or has Wyze just been sucking wind lately. First, my fan keeps being detected as a “person”??? The v2 motion sensor will trigger if someone farts even on the lowest setting. The arming and disarming are downright annoying… Why have an annoying chime that people are going to ignore? Seriously, you don’t have to be an engineer to realize how stupid that is! Would it be too much effort to have a pleasant voice say “you have 60 seconds till the system is armed” 30 seconds… 10 seconds… system is armed… Then when the alarm gets tripped say “please disarm your system” and “you have x seconds before the alarm will sound”.

Sorry for the RANT but I LOVE Wyze products and it seems lately that Wyze is so focused on pumping out [Mod Edit] that they forget about innovation and usability! :slight_smile:

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Have you considered turning that off?

I have the HMS with dozens of added sensors. It is the best piece of Wyze equipment I own… Just ahead of the Thermostat. It does exactly what it is designed to do day in and day out.

Why would I turn it off that is defeating the purpose of having the reminder. Why don’t Wyze innovate and let us choose reminders? When you buy a car and it had an annoying chime would ya accept being told to just rip the chime out? :smiley:

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If the chime annoys you and people ignore it anyway, there is a setting to turn it off. No more annoyance, Nothing to ignore.

I’m not parking my car in my house to protect and secure the premises. Also, my car does have a very loud and annoying ignition chime, I turned it off in the settings provided to me by the manufacturer. They didn’t give me the option to load Alexa into it so she could tell me the keys were still in the ignition in a soothing British voice. I didn’t hold that against the brand though. I just drive it and it does what it is supposed to do day in and day out.

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The point is Kangaroo, can do it so can Wyze! Wyze has gotten lazy and has just been pumping stuff out. My Kangaroo system lets one push a button on the sensor from the inside so one can open the door to get mail or whatever, Wyze should listen to its users! Also, Kangaroo sensors does not need a hub all the sensors connect to wifi separately. Hubs are just another POF and a way for a security company to such money!

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Thank you for your… opinion.

Hubs are preferred over direct WiFi in security system situations because they are RF Transceivers that do not compete or conflict with other devices for WiFi bandwidth. It also does not stop working when your power or WiFi quit working. I would rather my security system continue to work during a power failure.

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How do you turn off the countdown chime? It wakes up my kids when I set it at night. Thanks for any guidance in advance

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Monitoring Tab → Home Monitoring Settings (bottom) → Entry & Exit Delay → Silent Entry Delay & Silent Exit Delay

You can set the countdown chimes to silent (toggled on) for both Aming (exit) and Disarming (entry) in both Home and Away mode.

I have mine silent when I arm it to both Home and Away (like at night when you need it silent), but chiming if the delay is tripped upon entry for both.

Note that Jasper’s voice telling you it’s “Armed, Home” can only be lowered with the volume. He can’t be muted.


Thank you so much for the quick and detailed response!!!

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You are quite welcome! Keep coming back and browse the categories! Massive amounts of knowledge, tips and tricks, help, and ideas are here!

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