Enable skill removed from Amazon Alexa Web client

It seems Amazon has removed the ability to relink skills from the web application for Alexa. For some reason my Alexa skill for Wyze needs relinking.

When I try and re-link via the web application, I am directed to the Amazon Alexa Application on the iPhone. Once there, I get the Wyze Log in to re-enable the skill, however Wyze uses a Capta, which the Amazon application disallows, and Wyze thinks an ad blocker is in play. I can’t log in as a result of this… Help!!

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Before Entering your Email and Password

Select the reCAPTCHA “I am not a robot” first

Select the proper tiles to pass the reCAPTCHA

then it will take you back to the login screen where you can enter your Wyze Credentials

thus allowing the Skill to re-enable.

Thank you… I will try that if this issue happens again!

Does anyone have a current work around for this problem. I’m trying to re-enable the Wyze Alexa skill and I just get a blue circular animation when I click the “I am not a robot” check box (seems to not work even clicking it first now).