Eero pro 6 vs Wyze Cam v3

I bought a Wyze Cam v3 a while ago but have never set it up. Figured this week would be a good time to finally dig in.

Went through the obvious steps of pushing buttons and scanning QR codes and watched (repeatedly) as I the app would sit in “Connecting…” for a while and the blue light blinked rapidly. As you might guess it would eventually time out.

Did the google thing and found a bunch of advice about some issues people were having with eero pro 6 as the eero network uses the same SSID for 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. I did the thing where I suspended the 5Ghz network for 10 minutes. No luck.

OK…I also run pi-hole to block ads and figured maybe that was causing the problem. Nope. Same as above.

Have tried all sorts of combinations but it seems the next obvious step is to:

  1. Use a different wi-fi product, and/or
  2. Forget all network settings on my iPhone and start again

These both seem like nuclear options. I’m not about to replace my entire wi-fi set up for one camera. I’m also loathe to erase all my network settings for this one device as everything else works fine.

Although I’d love some help I reckon the next step would be to install a custom firmware on the camera and skip using the Wyze service all together.

Gotta say - it’s frustrating.

What version of the Wyze app do you have installed? There is a problem in the most recent versions preventing devices from connecting to WiFi.

I have version…which is the latest and I guess the one that causes this problem. Ugh, Have Wyze communicated when they plan to release a fix?

Per Wyze “soon” whatever that means.