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I am suddenly having issues viewing my wyze pan camera on my echo show. I use it as a baby monitor. It worked just fine when i first set it up but suddenly the echo show says there is a problem when it tries to connect. I have rebooted all, uninstalled and reinstalled, changed the camera name, unenabled and reenabled the alexa skill. All this and still wont connect. Please help. I bought this camera specifically to use for a baby monitor

@clturk26 Welcome to the community! Sorry to hear about this negative experience you are having.

It looks like you are using iOS for viewing the pan cam. Is this correct?

How long has the unit been setup? Does it work in the Wyze app “Live Stream”?

Also, if you can’t get the help you need here on the forum and the problems persist, I advise to contact support about this issue and submit a request.

Submit a Request

Yes. We use iphone to view also. Its been set up for about a month and worked great. It suddenly stopped. It works fine on live stream on the wyze app, just not on echo show, which is what we use for the monitor

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This seems to rule out an issue with the pan cam and the Wyze app. The problem may be with the echo show not connecting properly. I will ask the other mavens and see if they have any suggestions. :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t have an echo show but , I’m not having any issues viewing my wyze cameras on my fire TV.
Try power cycling your echo show ,

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Go look in your Alexa app in see if your camera shows up in there

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I figured it out. Evidently it will only show when alexa is in my account. It was in my husbands so it wasnt showing.


Glad to hear :slightly_smiling_face: