Alexa App Echo Show

Just bought another base station and two more outdoor cameras. Set them up. Everything works fine. Android phone and ios tablet both show them all working. Echo used to show them all when I asked it to. Now it will ONLY show the Wyze Pan camera and no others. I’ve disabled and re enabled the skill. I’ve power cycled. I’ve deleted the cameras from alexa entirely and re discovered them and set them up again and all that. I have 1 Gig internet, wifi 6, Netgear Orbi ax4200 and satellites. Bandwidth/coverage isnt the issue. Every camera was showing on the echo at one time. I’m not sure if the recent update is causing issues or if it happened after the install. To install I disconnected one of the outdoor cameras I already had and connected it to the new base station along with 1 new camera. I did the same with the new base station. Followed setup like I have with every other camera. Every time I install a new camera I have to go through this bs with the alexa app and the Echo. This time however, I have done EVERYTHING and the cameras still will not show up. I factory reset the echo show as well just for good measure although I knew that wouldn’t help. Why it will show the Wyze Pan, (which if connection was a problem, this would be by far the worst spot, but it isn’t) I have no idea. This is one of those times when you need specialist to come to your house and fix it. I’ll pay you whatever to just make it work once and for all.
All cams connect to my android phone flawlessly. Some have trouble authenticating on my ipad but eventually connect. They flat out won’t connect to the echo show except the can pan. Very frustrating. 30 degrees outside at midnight climbing up and down ladders unplugging and replughing and syncing cameras and base stations all in futility