"Drink water" reminder using Wyze contact sensor

Hi all, just sharing a little hack to my girlfriend’s water bottle. She struggles to drink enough water every day so I’ve been trying to help her.

The easiest way to drink enough is to drink regularly throughout the day.
A water bottle is a great way to set a goal, like drinking 2 every day, and monitor the progress by simply looking at it if it’s transparent. However if you’re the kind of person that gets really focused on what you’re doing, you may easily forget about everything else around you for many hours.
As the engineer that I am I started thinking how I could make something to help her and here it is! Ugly, yes, but perfectly functional. I had an extra sensor laying around and now I gave it a purpose.

I simply called the sensor “water bottle” and shared it with her. Now she gets a notification every time she forgets to take a sip of water for more than 1 hour.
It has helped a lot in keeping a good pace throughout a day and surprise surprise, it’s actually not that hard anymore to reach the goal.

Let me know if someone else tries it too!


Now this is why I need to visit the Forums more often. I also spotted a mailbox notification tip using a MOTION sensor instead of a Door sensor.

Main issue: Getting a Bridge close enough for reliable use. Can’t wait for the Outdoor Camera that they announced.

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