Downloading event clips from WebView - some work, some don't. I found a pattern. What's going on?

On another thread we were discussing the lack of ability to download event clips through WebView. Turns out the ability is actually there, but…

I discovered that on some clips when I right click on them as they are playing, the option to “Save Video As” is available and I can save the clip as an mp4. But on others the Save option is grayed out.

At first I thought it could be related to the camera model but that wasn’t it. I then removed all my cams from Cam Plus and re-added them. Still nothing. Same thing, some would allow saving, others wouldn’t.

After a couple more minutes I found the pattern. Any event that reports a sound detected and recorded will let me download it just fine through WebView. But clips without sound will not allow downloading.

What’s up with this??


@WyzeSeth @WyzeMatt check out what this user discovered! Apparently we can download web portal event videos that are sound detections, but not any of the motion, or AI detections. Is there any way that you guys could look into seeing why the sound events allow downloading and fix the other events to have the same permission, so that we can download the AI events now too? That would be awesome!!

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Thanks @GuitarMan for sharing what you found!

Here’s proof -

Event showing Sound allows Save video as. Event showing only Person and Motion but no Sound, Save video as is grayed out and does not allow download.

And yes, I did download the clip and confirmed that it is the entire clip, not just the audio part or a screenshot.


@WyzeSeth check this out.

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Yeah, I donno. Windows 10 w/Brave brower. Cam Plus Lite 12-sec clips. Some tagged Motion and some Person & Motion. No clips tagged Sound (no cams set to detect on it.) One clip from a cam with sound recording off (silent.)

Downloaded five from today and five from a week ago without a problem. Got tired. Took a nap. :sleeping:

Strange. That’s what I was using. Same browser, same OS. I haven’t coded since I designed a database using FoxPro about 30 years ago but it seems to me that with the web hosting solutions available today, enabling downloads should be a simple as checking a single box.

Just tried with Chrome and same thing.

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Firefox, same, all success. :man_shrugging:

When I have more patience I’ll have to try pulling some cams out of Cam Plus and placing them in Plus Lite.

Any updates on this??

short answer for this:

  1. some of the video was mp4 format when it uploaded.
  2. some the video was stream format, Dash format.

the download feature was provide by browser itself not web view.
Then it could download 1 but cannot download 2.


Interesting that it’s uploaded in different formats. I would’ve expected it to upload all events in the same format from the same device.

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