Download Aurora Video From SD Card Continuous Recording Mode

My camera got some great shots of the Aurora yesterday-although in black and white. It got some “explosions” and rays of light traveling over the sky like soneone was pointing a flashlight. Even got some kind of moving star that stopped and shot away. It lasted for 6 hours.

How do I download the continous record on the sd card so I can make a timelapse in a video editor

Remove the SD card from the camera and place said card into your computer. Visit the files in the card, look for the record folder and in that folder will be directories based on day, then hour, then you should see up to 60 videos for each minute of that hour. Copy whichever files you want to your computer for faster access with the video editor. Open editor then make your edited video.

Thank you. For some reason I was under the impression that the card contents were a proprietary file format

Just mp4s I believe. There is a quirk that some programs won’t play whatever audio codec Wyze uses for files so you may have to okay around with that if there is an issue.