Doorbell v.2 So angry absolutely HATE this!

I’ve pretty much given up at this point so I guess this is more a rant. Someone stole my original video doorbell that worked fine. I bought v.2 as an upgrade even though I hate that there isn’t. Plug in chime option (worst decision of all on upgrade wyze!). I’m not dumb, I can both follow instruction and most of the time troubleshoot and figure things out on my own. I HATE THIS DOORBELL! Wyze should apologize and refund anyone who bought it. After installing it per instructions, troubleshooting it, reading forums etc etc. and wasting countless hours trying to install the damn chime controller. Or NOT because it just clearly is garbage and doesn’t work. I said screw it, and just returned for a refund the v.2. Annoyed that I’m still without a doorbell I thought. Just buy v.1 again and be done with it. Today that arrived. Done this before. No problem. Tried to install it, and realized that now the power or wiring or something is screwed that went to the doorbell from the v.2 install and tada!!! Can’t power the v.1. AWESOME!! So now returning a v.1, the power to my doorbell is screwed up and no longer working and I’m left with the options of paying an electrician to come fix it for me and again buying yet another doorbell to install. OR giving wyze another 100 dollars plus shipping for the stupid pro doorbell because it uses battery power and guess what a plug in chime that should have never been removed from the other versions at all. My entire home is wyze ecosystem and I’ve been mostly happy with it. This doorbell fiasco has pissed me off to no end. DONT BUT V.2!! And shame on wyze for selling this crap knowing the chime controller problems a LOT of people are having but mostly for removing the simple basic plug in chime that could have bypassed all these problems from the get go!


I’m sorry to hear it isn’t working out for you very well.
It certainly would’ve been nice to have the existing chimes work with this new doorbell v2.

I have heard people say that the VDBv2 doesn’t work very well with transformers that are under 24 Volts. I guess it draws more power than the VDB v1.

I’m not recommending you try the VDBv2 again since you had problems.
If you still had it in your possession, I would’ve recommended hooking everything back up the way you had it before with the V1 and just using Google or Alexa speakers as chimes that will ring anywhere in the house instead. That’s what I do for one mine. It also still rings my phone, etc too.

For me, I see the mechanical chime as more of a bonus for those who have been begging for it (it’s been a highly requested feature since Wyze first launched a doorbell camera), rather than a requirement. At least that’s how I use it for one of mine (I have 2 of the new v2 VDB’s, one with a mechanical chime and one without it…as well as a v1 VDB and a couple VDB Pros). I didn’t want to use one of them with a mechanical chime and it worked pretty well without it.

Something else a lot of people do is simply bypass the original transformer (turn it off), and use a C-Wire adapter to connect directly to the doorbell wiring instead like one of these:
But that won’t work for a lot of people’s wiring situations.

Your caution makes me think that maybe I should go apply labels on my wires while I still remember which wire originally went to what in-case I ever need to undo or change my wiring in the future so I don’t get things mixed up.

I hope you’re able to figure out the wiring. I’m sorry to hear you had such a bad experience with this.

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Maybe it is too late for the topic owner, but FWIW for the rest: I had issues with getting my doorbell-v2 to work with my existing older house chime as well, but Wyze online support was quite helpful, and they recommended me to have a different wiring of the transformer than that in the original instructions, and that WORKED!

I’ve been using it happily since then.

I can share the wiring photos if needed by anyone.

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Oh, Cool! You didn’t have to get a different transformer or anything? I heard other people fixed it by doing that. But they were able to give you alternative wiring instructions and that fixed it for you? I am interested to hear what they had you do differently so I can better answer other people in the future when I tell them support might be able to resolve the issue for them with alternate wiring instructions.

Yes, that was definitely how it was solved for me. I went ahead and found the transcript of that support I received from the customer support agent for you, this was the message that helped me fix the issue:

“Could we try to alternate the wiring for Wyze Video Doorbell v2? You may follow this link”

Hope it helps

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Thank you! I will happily share that with other people in the future.

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