Doorbell Stopped Working in app/and pairing

When we first got the doorbell and installed it, it worked great for about 2-3 weeks. Then recently we stopped being able to retrieve captured motion or live feed on the app. Talked to a wyze customer service worker and they had us delete the doorbell and install it again through the app. The doorbell will no longer pair to the chime and sometimes when I hit reset on the doorbell it won’t even say “ready to pair” anymore. Haven;t gotten a response back from Wyze yet.

Anyone else having this problem??

I just noticed today that I had a package sitting on my doorstep and so I went to the app to see when it was delivered. The doorbell had no notifications, even though I have CamPlus enabled on it. So I tried to restart it. Then, it would not connect. It was just blinking blue. After reading the forums, I tried clicking the reset button in the back. I deleted the doorbell in the app to try and set it up again. Now I am stuck where it will scan the QR Code and Says, QR Code Invalid. Not sure if this is similar. Chime still seems to be working from what I can tell, which seems weird.