Doorbell SD card location change

I have just ordered the new video doorbell. I will see how it fairs against my doorbell pro. I noticed the location of the sd card, which is an excellent addition, is located at an easy access location. Since this is not something we would often, if ever, change why not put the port on the rear. We can access, if needed, by removing the doorbell. It would much more secure

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I have to reformat my cards on my WYZE cams occasionally - and usually have to remove them from the camera to do so because the cam is not even recognizing them. I would hate having to remove the doorbell every time to do this.

putting the card slot on the bottom seems to make the most sense to reduce someone stealing the card or having the door to the card need a screw to remove.


Having it on the bottom would also make it less noticeable. It’s not often that someone is going to be bending down to look at the bottom of the doorbell. But on the side it is pretty visible.

I don’t think it would be very easy to have it go in from the backside though because of how the circuit board would be structured. It might be hard to rearrange the card reader that way without making things pretty complicated. (making the device thicker to give it enough space to arrange it that way)

Still, happy to at least have an SD card, no matter where it is located. Been waiting years for this!