Ideas for next generation Wyze Video Doorbell

Create a new doorbell pro 2 with the ideas provided

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Full color night vision

Add full color nightvision to the doorbell pro

Change look

Change the face of the doorbell pro; Maybe something in all black or black and silver. Also make it more compact.

Add micro SD

Please add a micro sd card slot to the new doorbell pro

Tried posting in wishlist it wouldn’t let me. I was told to add this to the wishlist.

Video doorbell v2 needs redesigned,…,

Too easy to steal unit. Too easy to steal sd card.

Please make it screw to the wall not able to lift to remove. And place sd card on back for security.

A quick solution would be to make some sort of security bracket that addresses these things.

Am just returning two Video Doorbell v2 units because (somehow) NOBODY THINKS THEY WILL BE TAKEN! Shame on you! You cannot have the MicroSD slot accessible on the OUTSIDE of the unit. Just having the unit “click” down with no locking mechanism means it will definitely be stolen, too.

I have supported Wyze for years with friends and family…now I am doubting why…