Doorbell Pro motion detection not working

I received the doorbell 2 days ago.

I am having the exact same issue.

Running with a wired connection.
CamPlus subscribed.
All settings for event recording and detection are on and match up with the previous posts screen shots.

Events only start recording again after the button is pressed.

I need help please. I have had none of this kind of problem with any of my Wyze Cams.

Just received my doorbell. Running off battery. I was not getting any kind of notifications, not even when pressing the doorbell! Turned the detection setting from medium to high and now it is working. Even when switching back to medium. However like everyone else, I am getting no notification for motion, but I am getting recordings. Cam Plus Subscribed. Assuming a firmware update is coming…

I am having the same problem as everyone else on this thread. I get a notification if the doorbell is pressed but no motion recordings or notifications. My doorbell is running off battery. I tried turning off the energy saver mode as well but it did not make a difference.

Well it looks our problem may have been addressed! I just opened up the app yesterday and was prompted to update the doorbell firmware to 1.0.58, and as soon as I did the events and notifications began working finally! If you didn’t get a prompt to update, go to the doorbell settings >device info >firmware version >update if available

I also just updated to new firmware and my camera appears to be working. Not sure why Wyze did not send out an email to people who just received the new doorbell pro alerting us to the problem and the solution. They will send us emails about everything else. It would have saved us a lot of grief and wasted phone calls.

Confirming new firmware is capturing events as well.

Confirmed the firmware update fixed my camera as well.

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This resolved for me when I turned off Power Saving Mode

Resolved. After the firmware update all is good.

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I am bumping this again. There have been no settings changes since my last post. The doorbell has stopped non-button press notifications again as before.

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