Doorbell pro doesn’t connect after recharging


My doorbell pro doesn’t reconnect to my WiFi after a battery recharge. My battery was at 55% so not wanting to let the battery die, I took it inside and recharged to 100% and installed it back at the exact same location as it was before. The camera never lost battery power or shut down before or during the recharge. But last night it took more than 10 seconds to connect and when it did I was getting a lot of cutouts and 0.0 KB/sec transmission. But this morning it goes through Step 1, shows battery at 100 but never can get past Step 2 and gives an error message saying WiFi is weak and error code IV22-20004. Device info shows WIFI strength as 2/3 which has always been the same. Absolutely nothing changed, including weather conditions. Anyone know what happened?

I could also see that when it rarely reconnected last night with very low transfer rates, it didn’t even record any events to show at the bottom of the app screen. Not sure what’s going on but I’m very upset.

PS: I have nine other Wyze v3 pan cameras inside and outside the house and none of them have any connectivity issues.

Update: I powered down both the chime and the doorbell, and it seemed to get better. Then died again. I caught the chime flashing light blue. Not sure if that means chime can’t connect to WiFi or it can’t connect to the doorbell. I unplugged the chime and plugged it right next to the door where the doorbell is. It got better but there’s no point in keeping the chime there because at its original location people could hear it better. Not sure what changed but the chime can’t pick up the signal at its own original location.