Doorbell not calling me on my phone

I apologize if this is not the right forum I’ll be glad to move it.

We pre-ordered the doorbell at launch and have really enjoyed it overall - however, when someone presses the doorbell, my and my wife’s Android Galaxy phones just notify us via the same alert as al other alerts and don’t “ring” us - this means unless we pay attention to every motion alert we never see when we are away from home someone is at the door (obviously in the house the chime works fine).

Am I missing something? It would be nice for a unique alert or audio ring or something to let me know i need to click to interact before the person leaves.

voip for the doorbell is currently in testing. this is so when someone presses the bell it will come through your phone just like a phone call. significantly harder to miss. I wish I could tell you how long we will be testing this but we were not given a time frame.

give me a second and im going to see if I can find something and edit this post

edit. so here is a sign up. KEEP IN MIND THIS IS IN TESTING! but you can sign up to possibly get whitelisted to participate in VOIP. this is not a guarantee you’ll be selected. you just enter your email and if you’re selected you’ll get an email with directions.


Oh excellent - so I wasn’t completely missing the obvious - thank you!

That’s good to know - I’ll sign up just in case but either way happy to be able to look forward to more functionality in the future!


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Glad to help

@Bam , are you testing this?

I signed up as I think it will be beneficial for many and wanted to get smart on what it is and how it works. I believe ARLO worked this way as well.

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I am, I was able to get in on testing this and there was no NDA involved so for those on the forums im able to discuss this more for those who don’t know what VOIP is. :slight_smile:

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