Doorbell needs power cycle

Just installed Doorbell. Worked fine for an hour, now it needs to be power cycled. It’s not like unplugging it and plugging it back in, Any ideas how to make this simpler?

I am also concerned about reliability - I bought this because I am gone often at times.

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Is the doorbell on a breaker? You could turn that off then back on.

How far away is the doorbell from your router or access point? How is the connection?
Did this happen after a firmware update, that can occur sometimes.

Are you saying it needs to be power cycled because you’re unable to live stream? Many times when trying to live stream, you can press the settings cog and then at the bottom of the page hit restart device.

Personally I modified my transformer to plug into a wyze smart plug, but I haven’t had to power cycle for quite some time.


I just had the same thing happen after a firmware update. The light will stay orange after power up for about 5 seconds then go off. Anybody else have this issue and have a resolution?

Welcome @HCF!
Is the doorbell functioning? It sounds like it isn’t, but I’m just checking.
The light should not stay orange.
How is the connection strength to your doorbell?

I tried the settings cog and restart device but the app reports that failed. There has got to be a better way to power cycle the doorbell than searching out a breaker or powering down half my home. My transformer is hardwired like most, and not easily accessible.

If the doorbell isn’t connected to your WiFi network, power cycling the breaker may be the only option.

here’s another option if adding a smart plug is not feasible…take one of the leads coming off the transformer, and wire it through a standard light switch. Flipping the switch will kill the power to the doorbell. It doesn’t have to be a light switch, you could use any switch, some are pretty small…small enough to even add it at the chime.

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Mine went offline today and restart failed, said I needed to power cycle it.
Instead, on a a hunch I went and pressed the doorbell. It Chimed and the camera went back online.

Worth a try.