Doorbell Firmware safe?

I have had several Wyze doorbells ruined by firmware updates. My latest doorbell is about 3 months old. I keep getting notifications for doorbell firmware updates. Is it safe to update doorbell firmware now?

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If your VDBv1 is currently operational do not update until there is a stable upgrade! .042 and .060 are buggy. .090 is in Beta.

See this post:

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Fwiw, I’m on beta .060 on orig db. Had some flaky detection zone disappearing but it returns. Not experiencing the connection problems others have mentioned.


I think experiences are different between users for some reason. Perhaps because there are so many network variables between users.

I am on .060 PR VDBv1. I have experienced some of the load problems occasionally, but not to the degree some have. Mine happen rarely.

My detection zone was affected. I went completely wokny and wouldn’t work at all. I was getting no detections when entering from the right side. With the suggestion made by one user that the DZ had not been rotated, but the image had, and seeing the image rotation flip flop during load, I took a chance and rotated my detection zone 90° clockwise and have had phenomenal event activation results. It is crazy. Works like it is supposed to now. The line is where the DZ is supposed to be if it were working correctly.

That actually makes sense, but is another glaring example of the wyze ineptitude. The raw doorbell stream is in fact landscape or rotated 90 deg from what they push to our apps. The docker-wyze-bridge basically reads the raw stream from the wyze cams. Without specifying a rotation, the stream from the doorbell comes through in landscape. To view it normally, a rotation variable must be used. So it is apparent that wyze does their server side AI on the raw stream before they rotate it for the app. Not sure I can test my detection zone since it’s pretty much the full screen, but I’ll try on a sunny breezy day when I get lots of shadow motion.

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Yeah… What you said… Um…OK.

I don’t know anything about Wyze wearing Dockers on a bridge…:rofl:

But I do know that the issue started in .042 when they tried to deal with the rotation of the image when it showed in the HMS Monitoring Tab as an integrated security cam.

I also know this because .042 is when my TinyCam app started to show the feed rotated. I can either have the tile show correctly or the feed, but not both. And, setting the image rotation is required to get the feed correct. .042 is also when the flippety flopping of the image started right after load.

Apparently they are flippety flopping the image but not the DZ.

I am glad there are those willing to try the beta. I am waiting on the non-beta version of the Video Doorbell 1 Firmware. If the next one fails, I may just upgrade to the next generation doorbell from Wyze or another brand. It took a while for them to find that memory leak on the Wyze indoor plugs, but they finally slayed that bug.

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The bridge is a 3rd party program that gives users an option to basically transcode the video into formats that can display in a browser or be used by other 3rd party apps to get the cams into Apple HomeKit without resorting to the wyze beta RTSP fw plus it works for all wyze cams except maybe the v2 outdoor. These are basically in development as free open source software for any one who wants to try it out or add to the development. They are not yet ready for the masses since there is often some manual stuff that needs to be done. Since I have a few spare old PCs I figured I’d try it for possible future use if it proves reliable.

Fwiw, the early beta app for the orig db displayed the image sideways. It didn’t dawn on me it was still being used at the server horizontally until I tried out the bridge software. But it’s still disappointing that they somehow ignored the detection zone orientation since it did seem to be coordinated.

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Thanks for the explanation. I am not that deep into the dev tech weeds, so I will add you to my speed dial when a technical question arizes!