Doorbell Chime / Reroute Wire - Chime Box

For my doorbell, the electrician had to reinstall wires because my original doorbell had been removed. He ran a 16v wire to the front door to power the doorbell but I don’t have a inside the house chime box to reroute. Will my Wyze chime not work without that white reroute wire?

You’re OK.

The Wyze doorbell install procedure asks you to disable the original chime. It’s something you don’t have to do now.

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Thanks for the reply but the plugin chime isn’t making a sound. The doorbell itself does make a sound.
I’m looking at my WYZE app and I’m not seeing a way to connect the plugin chime to the doorbell.

I do, in some way, have to use the rerouting wire, correct? There’s a small “node” in the middle and I assume that’s the thing that transmits to my plugin chime telling it to make a sound.

The chime that comes with the Wyze doorbell is wireless. Make sure it’s properly configured in the Wyze app.

this is the fuse, it’s just like any other fuse, it’s meant to protect the doorbell in case of high voltage. It has nothing to do with the chime.

open the doorbell in the app, then settings, extended devices, chime & make sure the volume is not muted. as u adjust the volume u should hear the tone

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got it / thanks!