Door Lock Won't Calibrate

I’ve searched this topic and haven’t really found anything that solves my issue.

Our Wyze door lock has been installed for the last year. About 3 months ago it started not being able to hold a battery charge, and now will not calibrate at all.

Any quick fixes that I can try? I’m at the point now that I may just move to another product all together. I use Wyze throughout our home and most of the other products work fine.

Welcome to the community @dave.whitman6434

Couple of items I would try:

  • Remove the Bridge from the wall socket for a short period of time (maybe 5 minutes). Then plug it back in and let it sync with the locks and network. I would also remove the batteries from the lock and once the Bridge is connected, put the batteries back in the lock and let it sync.

  • I would also start the wyze app and go to the account menu option. Then go to App settings and Clear the Cache from their. Back out one menu and select Log out - bottom of the screen. This will log you out of the app. Once logged out, reboot the phone and then start the app again. See if this corrects your issues.

  • Make sure Bluetooth is on and you are connected to the same network the lock is on.

Thank you very much. Will let you know how it goes.

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