Door bell v2 missing screenshot

I found out my door bell v2 can only take one screenshot when there are multiple people entering into the house within 3 minutes time frame (one after another). Is there a setting for continuous taking screenshot when the camera detect multiple objects?


It seems like you might be referring to event notifications without a subscription, which is noted in an overview here:

The Video Doorbell v2 has a 5-minute “cooldown” period between events for customers who choose to use that camera without a subscription (similar to other Wyze cameras). The original firmware had an issue that applied the cooldown period even to Doorbell button presses, and Wyze acknowledged this problem:

Then they released a firmware update that remedied that:

:warning: Please note that there are multiple topics[1][2][3][4][5] on the Forum that describe problems with notifications following the most recent firmware updates for the Video Doorbell v2. Obviously you get to make your own choices about how you use the product, but I’ve chosen to stick with the firmware from January 2024 until I feel confident that the current notification issue with this Doorbell has been resolved.

You can get continuous video recordings with the Video Doorbell v2 by using a microSD card and enabling that feature in the Doorbell’s settings:

  • from the Doorbell’s live view screen, tap :gear: Settings (upper-right)
  • tap Advanced Settings
  • enable Record to MicroSD Card
  • tap Continuous

Obviously you need to have a microSD card inserted into the Doorbell in order for this to work. This is what I do (without a subscription), and having local storage of my recordings is a plus for me. This will not give you back-to-back thumbnail notifications for consecutive motion events within that 5-minute period without a subscription (which is what I think you’re probably referring to when you mention “screenshot”), but it will give you a continuous record of what your Doorbell’s camera sees.

:pencil2: Edit: I went ahead and added multiple :link: :point_up: to my :warning: for future reference.

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Just wanted to add:

If you do have CamPlus subscription and your camera has firmware version or newer, then it’s a bug.



I appreciate the links to the relevant topics. Since there are several that discuss the issue with notifications not being generated by the Video Doorbell v2 after recent firmware updates, I just wanted to include a general caveat instead of trying to track them all down (I think I recall reading at least three or four different topics where this is mentioned).

Where has it been demonstrated that the experience with missing notifications and/or event recordings is exclusive to Cam Plus subscribers? If this is accurate information, then I’d feel more comfortable trying to update my own Doorbell’s firmware.

Since @tly888’s original post stipulated multiple events within a 3-minute window of time, I interpreted the issue as being related to the 5-minute cooldown for non-subscribers, but perhaps I misunderstood the question.