Door Bell Pro with Chime - Volume and Duration

Couple of questions for Doorbell Pro with Chime:

  1. is there a volume control for Chime
  2. is there any longer Chime tones (can we add our own chime tones?)

We have a large home. Currently we can only hear the door chime within 2 rooms of chime. The chime seems so short that we often miss it.

Any work arounds? other than to ensure we all carry our smartphones all the time? :bell: :bell: :bell:

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Yes, open the video doorbell pro and go to settings and go to Chime . You’ll see a slider to control the volume of the chime

In the same chime settings screen you can mess with the other chime sounds and see which one you like , and unfortunately you cannot add your own chime sounds.

Do you have any Alexa devices ? I have two and have set up a rule to announce when someone pushes the doorbell button. When the doorbell button is pushed , after 3 seconds the Alexa will say “someone is at the (name of the VDP that you have set it to)

Besides having the Alexa routine , try enabling VOIP notifications. When the doorbell button is pushed , you will get a phone call instead of a generic push notification from the wyze app that way the notification stands out as a phone call and so you don’t miss the event

Go to account> notifications > push notifications > Voice Over IP and enable it on

Thanks for these replies. Much appreciated.

I looked and realized that I’ve already set the volume to high.
I guess this doorbell chime speaker doesn’t go very high. It must be intended for a very small house.

I do not have Alexa. I was hoping to have a louder volume for the family to hear the front door.
I guess until I get Alexa or they fix this,
I will have to go back to our old doorbell which rings in the front & the back of the house much louder. :slightly_frowning_face: like most regular doorbells

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I also use Alexa to extend the doorbell ringing everywhere.

Wyze has mentioned publicly in several places, including an AMA last summer, as well as other places before and after that that they are working on their own solution involving a “Universal Chime” that will be able to be placed anywhere in the house as an extension for things like the doorbells and other things to ensure people get adequate sound anywhere in their house.