More volume range in Video Door Bell V1 and Pro, please

#1 is plenty loud and if you go less than one you’re at 0 it’s gone.

FWIW, this was a big complaint during beta testing since the original chime was even louder on 1, while 10 was absurd, plus it was distorted. I found a workaround is to put clear packing tape over the front grill, then peel off a strip to uncover one row and test the volume, peel off another strip of holes for more volume. I never tried thinner tape, my packing tape has a bit of heft to it but being clear, it’s not noticeable. I was going to put a bandage over it, prefer having it less noticeable…

After a few days with the bell, I think some volume fine tuning would be nice, getting something like this just right for everyone in the house is going to be a pain no matter my settings options, but I hope it would be better if there was.


I’m looking for more granularity in setting the chime volume for the Doorbell Pro. Currently there are only 4 choices. The 75% setting is too soft and the 100% setting is too loud. I understand there are 8 choices for the regular Doorbell. Why doesn’t the Pro version have the same number? Please increase the volume choices to 8 like the regular Doorbell chime. I will likely then use the level 7 setting.

On orig db chime, I ended up using clear packing tape partially over the grille to muffle the volume - doesn’t help if it’s too soft on full volume, but for us it helped to get volume right for the location.

Good suggestion for the time being…will try it.

MacGyver it! Well done!
Ty Ford

I have the chime in another room, in an outlet under a desk, set at 100%. My old ears still hear it.

Since I replaced our ‘Welcome’ mat with one that says ‘Go Away’ the doorbell isn’t used as much. :slightly_smiling_face:

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We have no family closer to SoFlo than Canada or Maine and few local friends, so we rarely have any need. Plus it has a poor view directly across to the other sidewall. I just happened to get picked for the orig db beta. The retail release included the 3rd try at the chime - 1st was loud, coarse, and had poor volume control, I got the tape idea testing that unit since it was truly irritating in our fairly compact ranch style floor plan. The second chime is what I’m still using, perfect for us on a 5 setting. But deemed too soft for many with larger homes, up/down levels, the 3rd which is the retail, they reverted back to the louder volume with the cleaner sound options. I’m guessing the volume controls are hardwired in the chime so set for life (like a multi-speed ceiling fan that has fixed capacitors for each speed level.