Door Bell Pro Stops Working

Installed the Video Door Bell Pro, works great for an hour and then stops sending anything. The doorbell appears to be working, but isn’t communicating with the chime. I moved the chime, it’s works again for an hour or so and then stops again. They both have 2-3 bars of service? Any suggestions before sending it back?

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Couple of questions.

  1. How far is the chime from the Doorbell?
    It is suggested that the Chime should not be 30ft from router and doorbell should not be more than 30ft from chime

  2. Did you set the Doorbell up on 2.4Ghz or 5GHz?
    The Video doorbell Pro is able to connect 5GHz
    I’ve set so many Wyze devices up when I initially setup the VDBP… I forgot.

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The chime was originally right between, maybe 20 feet from each. Second time I moved it closer to the doorbell. I was originally on 2.4, then deleted and redid it on 5.0.

Kind of drawing at straws now… could still be a distance thing (Maybe). Not sure how precise the bars are?

When you set the devices up were they in close proximity or at their final destinations?

I wonder if you set the devices up in the same area as the wireless router, then moved them to their locations (as tight of a squeeze as you can get them) within the 60 total feet. If that would make any difference?

Are you on a mesh with extenders?

1st Installed Wyze doorbell worked intermittently for a short time and then died. It took many emails to convince Wyze the product was defective. Eventually got a free replacement. Now the 2nd Wyze doorbell, after working as expected for approx. 2 months, has died. I suspect due to extreme cold (1 deg F overnight). That’s cold but after 2 failures the Wyze doorbell seems to be in need of a re-design for quality and to handle low temps.