Donations for nonprofits in crisis

**Hello, I am brand new to Wyze, well actually I started dealing with your sales and beta team nearly 2 months ago. Recently my offices went through a total loss interior flood in which we lost ALL of our Wyze products. About 5K worth. Who could I contact within this community or on the Wyze management team to see how I would go about requesting a true emergency donation of new products? I appreciate your time.


5K worth of Wyze cams? That’s a lot of cams.

Isn’t that what insurance is for?


Did you have $5K worth Wyze products on the floor? Which ones? Most people would have their cameras mounted near the ceiling. What kind of crazy flooding got that high? Or was it something else besides cameras? How did the flooding get to them? Did this make the news? What state is this in? Did you reach out to your insurance? Particularly for a business. Wyze cameras would probably be the least of my worries about my business in any situation like this. So many questions. Care to share more details?

Note that I think any sane person would require A LOT OF PROOF like on the level of what an insurance agent would want before they’d consider looking at $5K worth of help…and wonder why insurance isn’t doing it for you instead. But if you really want to talk to Wyze, I’d probably contact their office directly (by mail) or contact support and ask them to escalate your issue (ie: to tier 2 who can potentially reach out to someone). Note that Tier 2 support won’t talk to you on the phone. They are email only, so don’t expect support to transfer you to someone at the office right away. They’ll likely review your call to Customer support and determine if it has merit, so make sure to give sufficient details to prove you’re telling the truth, etc. If you have police reports or insurance reports or whatever, maybe include those. Might be easier to contact support by email and then when they respond, you can send an attachment of any evidence or details. At least that’s how I’d handle it.

If I were Wyze, I’d probably assume by default that someone asking for $5K worth of stuff for free is probably a scammer, so the burden is on you to prove you’re not and give them a good reason why they should give away $5K to a business (though they have provided cameras to a zoo before). I highly doubt they will, but this is the way I would go about trying for it in your shoes.

As a business owner myself, I’m sorry to hear of your misfortune. I hope insurance, etc can restore you and make your business whole again.

Best of luck.