Subrogation? (Insurance won’t pay out if Wyze Cam starts a fire?)

Hey everybody,

The Wyze Cam is an amazing value. Truth. Yet, the top Amazon review is scary.

The reviewer had a house fire so now they check policies and after buying the camera, they saw the Wyze T&C stipulated they wouldn’t be responsible even if the Wyze Cam’s cord started a big fire.

Since it would take a decade to read all the fine print for everything we’ve ever purchased, I come to everybody here to fact check this claim.

Thank you!

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Welcome to the community, @1f0rg3t. You could also go to the Wyze’s Terms and Conditions page, and while there, do a Control - F to search that page for what you’re looking for.


You should seek legal advice from a qualified attorney. Asking non qualified sources for advice regarding a point of law is worse than useless. It will only serve to start an debate with no clear way to get an answer here.

Now that said a truism in United States jurisprudence is that anyone can sue anyone for anything. Product liability is an area prone to a lot of misinformation and a lot of myth and legend. Do yourself a favor and seek a qualified opinion.


I’m in the market for a budget camera.

If anybody uses Wyze Cams for the fun of it and not for budget-related reasons, and furthermore has the desire/money to expend hiring an attorney for information on a $22 camera, please let me know!

Otherwise, I’ll save a lot more buying a brand without the subrogation disclaimer compared to enlisting professional legal help. And honestly, I love a good debate. People end up quoting statutes eventually, which I Google and read on the .gov site, and sometimes go through the sources found on the relevant Wiki page (since statutes on their own won’t paint the whole picture of how laws are applied).

But do you know what I expected? Wyze’s social media team to get an alert about a webpage that includes both the name “Wyze” and the word “fire,” and send somebody to downplay the seriousness of subrogation, perhaps pointing out 0/X fires over Y years caused by Wyze products. And! you know who has the money to chat with attorneys–Wyze, they hired one to work the liability angle as they wrote the T&C! I’ll send them an email and report back.

Cheers for the valid point.

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Just FYI Amazon, Ring, Arlo, Blink, Nest, Google, Logitech, D-Link and Wyze (Those are the ones I have) all have subrogation language in their terms of service. It is fairly standard. So good luck finding one that does not, in any price range.


I haven’t checked but I’m going to hazard a guess that I have a bunch of products my home from various companies that have similar disclaimers.

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Thanks folks.