Does Wyze have to pay the 30% on app purchases?

is Wyze stuck with the 30% or so payment to apple/google when we buy through the app?

I’d really rather seer them get the money when I order . . .

Order through the Wyze website…fewer problems.


@WildBill is on the money! Fewer problems and better pricing for customers with existing subscriptions direct thru the Wyze Web Store! The store in the app is wonky half the time anyway.

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I try to, but sometimes what’s available is different or the prices are noticeably different, or . . .

Today, when the doorbell pro notice showed up, I clicked on the link, and when it loaded (with me already in), it was still pulling the “lower prices for cam+”

[and while writing this, it apparently added some more–which were available from the website, but not the app! so it’s now ordered]

but only when it works. I got to services, which shows my cam+, but it isn’t going me the prices.

or their flash sale a couple of weeks ago, or whatever it was called, through the app only.

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And your experience perfectly illustrates the disconnect Wyze has created across their sales platforms. Honestly, I would be embarrassed if I were part of producing that incongruent mess. Their sales platforms should mirror each other and be comprehensive in the items available.

There are countless topics and posts here in the forum discussing this and even wishlist and fix it requests. I guess more confusion means more money for Wyze.

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oh, you don’t have to get anywhere near the incongruence to find stuff the developers should be embarrassed about, whether the failure to figure out inventory levels, the inability to use OS native credit card information, the commands (such as search) that don’t properly place the cursor to the correct spot (Nyah, Nyah, I’m blinking, but you can’t type in me!), failure to keep straight cam+ subscriptions, etc.

I guess more confusion means more money for Wyze.

I’ve had things that I was trying to order that got bungled, and I later decided not to order . . . if you want to offer an impulse purchase, you really need to let that impulse roam free and succeed . . .

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Quiz … When was the last FW or app update or website upgrade pushed out that didn’t fubar the hardware or app?

Just a short history lesson will reveal that. Too much to fast too complicated. KISS!