Website vs App Pricing Differences

Has anyone noticed that pricing seems to be a bit off when looking at the Shop tab in the app, versus the website? I first noticed this when I made a purchase in app, and it didn’t show up in my account when i logged into the website, and when it was delivered, it was from a 3rd party, not direct from Wyze like when I order online. Then today, I noticed that there were flash sale pricing in the app, but not on the website. And the standalone outdoor camera is $61 in the app, but only $51 on the website. Just seems weird that there is such a disconnect, and that an order through the app, doesn’t show up in my account on the website… Or am I missing something?

Yes, yes, and yes! There is some sort of disconnect there. It has been discussed in the forums many times. My solution… I NEVER order from the app because it won’t ever pull pricing for my existing customer discount. Only in the website will it see my account status and give me the better price.

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The problem with the website is you can’t use the $5.99 shipping offer currently available to app orders. I wanted to get a couple more solar panels, but I only save $2 due to the higher price in the app vs the website pricing ($3 difference).

Ahh… So it’s either save on shipping or save on price. Sneaky. Something about having my cake and eating it too? Wonder if it has something to do with a difference in how much % Wyze has to pay for electronic order payment processing and fulfillment between the different platforms? Just spit balling.

And it is weird that although I’m still logged into my Wzye account on the app, phone app purchases don’t show upon the website. That seems weird…

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I ordered from the app because they were offering the Wyze cam 3 at $27.99 versus I think about $35.99 on the website, even after I logged into the website. But I notice that the app still says processing about six days later. And the order isn’t showing up in my account on the website.

Has anyone who purchased from the app recently had your order status remain on processing that long?

Never use the app,allways we use the web site to order,ans sometimes we buy them from Ebay much cheaper,same item.we used 69radioman they had the camera with the spotlight much cheaper than Amazon and directly from wyze.

Wyze needs to get their platforms aligned. It’s ridiculous that the website and app have different prices and offers and you have to “shop” their platforms for the best deals. C’mon guys, it’s not that difficult…

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So from what I understand from some post somewhere else that I will have to dig for… The website purchases and the app purchases are fulfilled through two different supply and logistics chains. Because these, like most of the techs, are outsourced, there are probably differing supply levels and costs for each chain which would affect those differences in the available product offerings, shipping, pricing, etc.

So long as the website and the app are being sold and fulfilled from different fulfillment chains, there will be differences in all that stuff. That’s why you also will not find the same deals, products, pricing, and shipping on Amazon or Home Depot.

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