Why are in-APP purchases and website purchases not intergrated?

I feel the quality of Wyze products are going downhill. I recently had to have Loooooong call times with reps and items replaced. one major pain it the app purchases and Wyze.com purchases are not intergrated. It is a real PITA. also I thought the last rep was on her boat due to the background wind noise, but when I heard the chickens I knew I was wrong. I am not recomending WYZE any longed.

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From what I understand from what I have read from Wyze on the forum, App sales and online sales are fulfilled through two separate supply and fulfillment chains.

Because of this separation, each supply chain fulfillment center has differing prices and shipping. You will also see differences in products available depending on sales volumes differing in each supply chain platform. One may sell out before the other or product specials only on one platform.

However, Wyze has taken steps to equalize the total purchase price of the same item on the two platforms. For example the recent Mother’s day sale item:


Online: $16.99 + $11.99 shipping = $28.98

App, $22.99 + $5.99 shipping = $28.98

Hope this helps explain it, not justify it.

Chicken Support. Heh.

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