Mother’s Day Sale vs App Shipping

Does anyone else think it’s off-putting that sale pricing isn’t honored in the app, and app shipping price isn’t honored online?

Tried to buy the Scale today- on sale for $16.99 according to the email I got. Went to check out and they want $11.99 shipping!

Went to the app, where they advertise $5.99 shipping, and the price is $22.99. They also have it listed for $29.99 and $3 off, which is… not 22, but we’ve been down the “Wyze math” road before.

Anyway, buy it online and it’s $29 shipped. Buy it in app and it’s… $29 shipped. Contacted support and got a canned line about “offering best price yada yada,” but it just feels almost shady to me. Offer two different prices, calling one a “sale,” but jack shipping so it ends up back to the same/retail.

Am I missing something, or can someone validate my petulant rant about a $16 smart scale?

Wyze is currently experimenting with having the 5.99 shipping for everything in the app only, and if it works they will move it to the website as well. I’m not sure why the sale didn’t apply to the app, but it’s always best to try both places atm until they have decided on what method to use.

App sales and online sales are fulfilled through two separate outsourced supply chains. Because of this, each supply chain fulfillment center has differing prices and shipping. You will also see differences in products available depending on sales volumes differing in each supply chain platform.

Existing subscribers usually get a discount only online. Most prices are modified to equalize them.


Online: $16.99 + $11.99 shipping = $28.98

App, $22.99 + $5.99 shipping = $28.98

I will also say. right now, the $5.99 shipping sucks HARD. I ordered the purifier and bought it in the app. It shipped last Wednesday (April April 27th) & the FedEx tracking originally said it would be delivered Sunday (May 1st). Except that Sunday came and went, then it was “Scheduled delivery: Pending” then it was supposed to be delivered today (May 3rd), expect that it never left Denver (I’m in Albuquerque), and now is back to “Pending”. FedEx customer service was ZERO help. Just the usual line of “We are experiencing higher then usual volumes” and that if I haven’t gotten it by next Tuesday, I should contact the shipper.

I’m so frustrated right now, but there is absolutely ZERO I can do at the moment. So here I sit, in a holding pattern, waiting for the item I spent $130 on…

As unfortunate as it is, and as much as no one wants to hear it, the current global supply chain shortage is being caused by the current labor shortage, both in production and fulfillment. The reason that all the carriers are slow, to include Amazon, USPS, DHL, UPS, and FedEx is because they don’t have the processing or delivery personnel to meet demand and can’t hire fast enough (edit: if they can find people who want to work and are qualified). They lost too many over the last two years.

I know it sucks, but that is the suck we live in right now. :frowning:

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I think they may still be using Smartpost, which has always been very slow for many, myself included. Smartpost does not carry your standard FedEx shipping priorities, for sure. :neutral_face:

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That will absolutely put it on the bottom of the pile! In the past, I worked for one of the unionized carriers. I am surprised anything makes it out of the sort facility without a priority label on it! :rofl:

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Slab, earlier in the pandemic I would have been ok with that. But that’s definitely not the case generally anymore. We get a lot of USPS and UPS at work & they are both back to normal. @Newshound nailed it though. FedEx “Smartpost” is the absolute worst, and I’ve used USPS Media Mail before. And frankly (and I know this isn’t a Wyze issue), it wouldn’t be bad if they didn’t estimate delivery dates. But multiple estimations have come and gone with no clue when it will get out and 6 hours down the road (assuming the road, I-25 in New Mexico, is actually open or not due to two large wildfires in our state), Another reasons I’m waiting on my purifier.

And if I knew ordering in the app was gonna be Smartpost, I might have ordered online. I also didn’t realize they were using two different fulfillment centers. That also would cause me to reevaluate if I buy in app or online,

Yes, I’m only 2 hours away from our state’s fulfillment center, and it typically goes to 2 other states before coming back to our state, all at a very slow pace. :neutral_face: