Shipping cheaper on phone app

Wondering if I may be the only one here…
I just tried to purchase 4x motion sensors on the website (where I usually do my Wyze purchases) and I think it tried to charge me double shipping, total came out to like $41.xx! I thought that might be an error as the shipping seemed around 40% of the total, and sure enough when I went on the store in the app, the total got knocked down to $33.xx, $8 cheaper!!! Not sure why, but the website was quoting me just over twice the shipping the app store was quoting for the same (only) address in my account. $15.96 on website and $7,66 in the app store. I tried to submit a support ticket a couple times and it said something was wrong with my internet connection. Obviously there isn’t as I’m posting this post from the same internet connection.

seems to be only on products that you can only add one of, and then increase quantity once in your cart. Adding multiples to cart does not seem to produce same result.


Thanks for the tip! Ordered 1x Sense Starter Kit and 3x PIR sensors… website wanted $15 for shipping, the app wanted $9. Strange…